The Beautiful Watercraft Inn Yacht

The Watercraft Inn is a beautiful 55 foot Ocean Motor Yacht  originating from the California Coast Line. When Laszlo Pogany, the owner, saw the vessel, it was truly love at first site. A yacht of this craftsmanship and quality is difficult to find! The boat was personally motored by Laz from Texas (just North of Galviston Bay) through the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic through New York City, up the Hudson to the Mohawk river canal system, into Lake Ontario and finally to port in beautiful Hamilton Harbour.

About  Laz

"Boating has always been my passion! I was introduced to boating as a child and knew it would always be an integral part of my life. I purchased my very first boat, a Sea Flea, when I was 14. I proudly debut my Chase One Speedster at the 2000 Toronto Boat Show. This mahogany gentleman's racer was used by the Boat Show as part of their opening press release as well as debut on the T.V. show 'That's Boating'.

There is nothing better than the freedom a boat can offer. I spent many years boating in Lake Simcoe Georgian Bay, the Trent Waterway system and Lake Ontario and believe time on a boat can clear your thoughts and do wondrous things for your mental health.

When I am not on spending time on the yacht, other lifestyle hobbies have been hot rods and motorcycles. I enjoyed skydiving for a large portion of my earlier career. I have been a professional sky diving instructor for 14 years as well as a base jumper. I also have spent the last 12 years living aboard discovering new locations, cultures and experiences.

I have always thought to enjoy life to the fullest, even if it's only pockets of time you can carve out for yourself. I am proud to say that Watercraft Inn provides just that - feel what it's like to own your own yacht and enjoy it to it's fullest while you are on board!

I have taken the time to transform the yacht to become a welcoming and floating bed and breakfast. I have even taken an extensive bread and breakfast management course to ensure that each and every guests has an enjoyable time.

We know that once you come aboard the Watercraft Inn, you'll want to share the experience with others. Come as a stranger but leave as a friend.

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